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Meet Thomas.

Bowyer Fletcher


Outdoor fanatic, Thomas is an accomplished bowyer and fletcher!

Thomas studied film making and worked for a while in the film industry. He manages to combine his current job with his passion of bow and arrow making. 

He is thrilled to welcome you to share his experience in ancient crafts and skills by reconnecting archery with the adventurous side of our past.

He launched his company and even a bow and arrow brand called Ravencraft. Thomas has over 12 years of experience in making historically authentic bows and arrows and traditional archery. What began as an interest in history and anthropology has grown into a passion for making historical bows and other implements. His bows and arrows are made with natural materials and according to traditional methods that were and still are used by various cultures worldwide. 

In our modern culture, we usually think of archery as part of the sports world. However, the bow and arrow play an important role in history and are still used in some parts of the world as an important weapon for survival.

Thanks to Thomas, you will travel back to an adventurous part of our past!