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Meet Mihaly.

Ceramic Artist


Mihaly's journey into the realm of clay is a fascinating one. Before his pottery journey, Mihaly explored various creative endeavours. He manages a Hungarian restaurant, The Rosemary, where his pottery studio resides.

Mihaly is self-taught, meticulously crafting all the exquisite crockery adorning the tables at his restaurant.

The artisan's approach is distinct, emphasising ethical, local and organic practices. He relies on the potter's wheel's precision and the ancient art of Raku firing to breathe life into his creations.

Mihaly's mission is to share the therapeutic nature of working with clay, inviting others to discover their creative potential.

Inside his workshop, you'll find a cosy wooden sanctuary nestled behind the restaurant—a space where creativity thrives. You'll want to stay for hours!

As for Mihaly himself, you'll find him to be a delightful blend of humour and attentiveness. He's your creative confidant, always ready to assist and inspire.

As for Mihaly himself, envision a blend of humour and attentiveness. He's your creative companion, ever-ready to offer guidance and creative inspiration.