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Our Jewellery workshops

The greatest story ever gold. Learn how to make beautiful loop earring, rings, a pearl necklace, a headpiece... in other words an item that will look great on you, made alongside our artisans.

Wecandoo - Our Jewellery workshops

Over 117 experiences available

Open the doors of a workshop, learn about its craft and leave with your creation

Introduction to jewellery-making workshop

Jewelry Making Workshops: Craft Your Unique Pieces from Various Materials

Whether it's for Mother's Day, a birthday, or simply a treat for yourself, join us in a jewelry creation workshop to design exquisite rings, necklaces, or pins. Immerse yourself in the art of crafting handmade jewelry using a combination of metals, glass, and stones.

Explore the World of Costume Jewelry: Design a Metal Ring or Bracelet

Create your very own metal ring with expert guidance. Utilize a rolling mill to shape the metal sheet, a jeweler's saw for intricate carving, and mold your ring on a mandrel. Learn the techniques for setting a stone by skillfully soldering the setting to the ring. If you prefer a bracelet or bangle, delve into crafting it using silver or brass and lend it a textured look through precise hammering. Our artisan will teach you how to wield a jeweler's hammer effectively. Additionally, the brass bracelet can be beautifully gold-plated. For material options and pricing details, inquire during the workshop.

Master the Art of Jewelry-Making: Craft Your Own Pins

Gather with fellow enthusiasts in a DIY jewelry workshop focused on crafting pins. You'll be introduced to the intricacies of artistic engraving. Design your unique pattern or follow a provided template. Employ a jeweler's saw to cut out the shape, fine-tune it with files, and complete the process by expertly soldering the pin's tip using a torch.

Elegance in Adornment: Craft Necklaces and Pendants

Adorn your neck with a one-of-a-kind piece. Learn the art of sculpting pendants from stones, guided by a skilled designer or artisan. Choose from a variety of stones in different sizes and colors, and sketch out your pendant's unique shape. With the tools of a stone sculptor, breathe life into your jewelry piece. The finishing touches are applied during the polishing phase, and you'll be able to thread your pendant onto a chain.

Elegant Earrings in a Costume Jewelry Workshop

Join our talented jewelers in their exquisite workshop to share their passion for creating unique earrings. Craft earrings of your choice, be it hoop earrings, discreet studs, or dangles made from glass, enamel, or hammered metal. Collaborate with a glass artisan to craft your very own glass beads for earrings. Discover the art of shaping glass beads using a mandrel, where the secret lies in your precise hand movements.