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Our Glass workshops

Raise your glass ! Blowing your own perfume bottle, making a mosaic mirror or a stained-glass light...? Can't choose ? We understand ! Go for the object you covet the most. Our artisans will accompany you step by step in this unique experience.

Wecandoo - Our Glass workshops

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Glass workshop: a range of skills in the world of glass

Artisan Craft Courses at a Glass Workshop

A glass workshop offers an exceptional platform for learning various artisan crafts. Whether your passion lies in glassblowing, stained glass artistry, glass engraving, neon light crafting, or the creation of exquisite glass jewelry, these workshops present valuable educational opportunities.

Discover the Magic of Glassblowing

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of glassblowing at our workshop. Begin with a fascinating demonstration, followed by expert guidance on safety measures and the essential tools, including torches and paddles. Then, it's your turn to unleash your creativity by blowing into the pipe and mastering the fusion techniques, including the punty method. Experiment with temperature and transform glass into stunning pieces, such as carafes and perfume bottles. We even offer a child-friendly option for crafting marbles using a small torch.

Master the Art of Stained Glass

Uncover the art of crafting stained glass to bathe your space in enchanting light. Our stained glass workshops encompass diverse techniques, from traditional leaded glass to sandblasting for intricate pattern designs. Explore the Tiffany method, which allows for decorative cutting and assembling of colorful glass pieces, intricately set in copper for exquisitely detailed masterpieces.

Elevate Your Space with Glass Interior Decor

Enhance your home's interior with custom glass decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Learn the skills to accentuate artworks with framed glass borders. The fusing technique, involving the layering of multiple glass sheets, empowers you to create unique dishes, catch-all trays, or bowls. Craft exquisite stretched glass candle holders and create captivating motifs through the art of glass engraving. Additionally, delve into the fascinating world of neon light creation, where you'll learn to bend glass tubes with precision using a torch.

Craft One-of-a-Kind Glass Jewelry

Elevate your style with original glass jewelry, including beautiful earrings and pendants. In these workshops, you'll have the opportunity to master glassblowing using a torch. Some workshops also employ the fusing technique, where glass pieces are assembled at room temperature and then carefully heated in an oven until they melt, resulting in stunning, handcrafted jewelry pieces.