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Our Terrarium & Plant Workshops

Flower Power ! Welcome to the jungle of workshops that will turn your home into an orchard: kokedama, flower wreath, scented candle, terrarium, flower arrangement... All you need to go green!

Wecandoo - Our Terrarium & Plant Workshops

Over 223 experiences available

Open the doors of a workshop, learn about its craft and leave with your creation

Nature workshop to create original objects, a bridal bouquet or discover the virtues of plants

Work experience in a nature workshop

Discover a range of nature-related activities. Children and adults can take part in a plant workshop, such as the terrarium workshop. Learn how to make a wreath, boutonniere or bouquet for a wedding, christening or birthday.

Nature and plants workshop

Introduce your children to making a terrarium in a nature workshop. Create a miniature garden in a glass bubble. Choose your own plants, sand and soil. With advice from a plant designer, you can learn how to take care of your own little corner of nature in your own home. There are also workshops where children can create their own herbarium.

Make a kokedama

Are you a fan of Japanese floral art? Then the Kokedama workshop is for you. Learn how to make a plant ball using a plant of your choice and some moss. Then hang your creation in your home.

Floral workshop and floral creations

Floral creations come in all shapes and sizes. They can be table decorations for weddings or christenings. In a florist's workshop you can learn how to make wreaths from fresh or dried flowers. You can also create your own bridal bouquet. Choose flowers by colour and shape and use the florist's advice to create a harmonious arrangement. Choose a one-day immersion course with a horticulturalist to help you pick fresh flowers.

Workshop to discover aromatic plants, wild plants and edible flowers

Take part in an educational nature workshop and discover medicinal plants and edible flowers. Learn how to identify aromatic and medicinal plants that can be made into herbal teas. Learn how to dry and preserve plants.

Collect wild plants in the countryside

Take part in a wild plant picking course. Head out into the heart of nature in search of edible wild plants with medicinal properties. You can then make salads, syrups or jellies.

Make a bouquet of edible flowers

Join us for a fun and friendly nature workshop to create a bouquet of edible flowers. You'll learn how to create a harmonious, well-rounded bouquet. When you get home, you can enjoy the bouquet using the recipes and instructions provided by the botanical artisan.