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Our pottery & ceramics workshops

Using the wheel, your hands and various of other techniques and tools, learn everything you have to know about this classical craft

Wecandoo - Our pottery & ceramics workshops

Over 187 experiences available

Open the doors of a workshop, learn about its know-how and leave with your creation

Pottery and ceramic workshops in London

Are you a fan of the DIY trend? Join us in our pottery and ceramics workshops. Put on an apron and come learn the art of creating pieces on a slab. Our ceramicists are here to introduce you to this ancient craft. You'll be able to craft a ceramic object that you can keep for yourself.

Discover sculpting and clay firing

Our beginner's pottery and ceramics training program will give you the basics of the potter and ceramicist trade. You'll learn how to shape pots, vases, or other objects of your choice. You'll be amazed by the fascinating technique of slab work. Our ceramicist will guide you to master the movements smoothly. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, and let your imagination runs wild. And even if your apron gets dirty during the session, the most important thing is to enjoy working with different materials. During our pottery class, you'll also learn about the various firing techniques for ceramics to bring your creation to life. All that's left is to put your creation in the kiln and come back to pick it up a few weeks later.

Experience magic in a friendly atmosphere

We love it when our apprentices share moments of joy and laughter. We do our best to make the time spent with our artisans memorable. We enjoy laughter (but not at your creations, we promise!), and our kindness and cheerfulness will accompany you throughout this pottery and ceramics workshop.