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Our Textile and Fashion workshops

Want to bring out your inner designer? Discover the art of working with textiles alongside experienced artisans and create a unique piece.

Wecandoo - Our Textile and Fashion workshops

Over 223 experiences available

Open the doors of a workshop, learn about its craft and leave with your creation

Take part in a textile workshop for an immersion in fashion design

Textile workshop and clothing and accessory design from A to Z

Curious about the world of fashion designers? Visit a textile workshop and learn the basics of fashion design. The craftsmen will welcome you with professionalism and teach you how to design clothes and accessories. Welcome to the world of design and materials.

Work experience in a textile workshop

In a textile workshop, you'll work alongside stylists, pattern-makers and seamstresses. You will discover the world of fashion. This is your chance to handle quality fabrics and learn how to combine materials. Take advantage of the designers' unique know-how, step by step, to create original, made-to-measure garments.

From pattern-making to sewing: step-by-step garment creation

You create the patterns for your future garments, i.e. you design patterns according to your measurements and sewing values. These patterns are used as models for cutting out the fabrics. You will sketch your designs by combining colours, materials and fabrics. You will cut, pin and assemble your dresses, shirts, jumpers and trousers. You will add the finishing touches by hand or with a sewing machine.

Making designer clothes

Your training in textile tailoring will enable you to create dresses to your own design: summer dresses, wrap dresses and even wedding dresses. You choose the fabrics and then pin the dress. Next comes the cutting stage, using your pattern. Then you sew on a sewing machine or serger.

Make your own shirts in a dressmaking workshop

You control all the raw materials used to make your shirts. Choose from a range of quality fabrics. You choose the buttons according to the design you like best. Choose the cut of your future shirt: sleeve length, collar shape, boyfriend cut or slim fit. Cut the fabric according to the pattern, then sew.

Create accessories with a stylist

Take advantage of a stylist's expertise to create unique accessories. Using quality materials, create original fabric masks that are adapted to the shape of your face. You can also style your vases, mirrors or carpets using the tufting technique.