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Our Cosmetic workshops

Take some time for yourself. Whether it's make-up, skincare or perfume, our artisans will help you create products you can use every day. Hurry up and book your pampering craft experience and enjoy the ultimate in pleasure.

Wecandoo - Our Cosmetic workshops

Over 187 experiences available

Open the doors of a workshop, learn about its know-how and leave with your creation

Take part in a cosmetics production workshop

Discover a Cosmetic Product Making Course Near You

Explore the art of crafting natural cosmetics during our 1.5 to 3-hour hands-on cosmetic training sessions. Learn the secrets of ingredient selection, blending, and formulation to create a range of skincare products, from facial creams to shampoos, balms, and even toothpaste. Our expert artisans will share their cherished recipes and guide you through the process.

Craft Your Own Skincare Cream

Enroll in our workshops to craft personalized skincare creams for your face, body, and hands, using a blend of essential oils and plant extracts. Receive tailored advice based on your skin type. Tailor your own BB cream with pigments that perfectly match your skin tone. Join a small, friendly group to unleash your creativity and share valuable insights.

Homemade Hair Care Products

In our cosmetic product making workshops, you'll discover the art of crafting hair care products for both women and men. Choose between a solid shampoo infused with plant and mineral powders, a liquid shampoo featuring an active ingredient cocktail, or a nourishing post-shampoo balm.

Courses for Crafting Deodorant and Toothpaste

Opt for specialized training modules to create your very own deodorant or 100% natural toothpaste. Customize your products while benefiting from the expertise of experienced cosmetic product creators. Enhance your skills with comprehensive cosmetic training spanning several days, including a makeup workshop.

Create Your Personalized Routine Kit

In our exclusive cosmetic routine training, master the art of making micellar water or makeup remover milk. Choose modules to craft custom emulsions and serums, combining essential ingredients tailored to your skin type. Your creations will be safely packed into sterilized containers, ensuring transparency about the content of your beauty products.