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Meet Annelies.

Repair Artist


After studying at the renowned ArtEZ in Arnhem, Annelies started in the fashion industry as a fashion designer and soon afterwards, she made workwear for craftsmen to highlight their know-how.

In December 2020, she started to run repair workshops inspired by Japanese techniques. Her objective: to restore objects in a way that gives them added value as well as a second life!

In addition, she finds it important to transfer knowledge and craftsmanship, and to make people aware that all fashion that one buys includes labor hours. Often these hours are the most expensive part of the process. Besides, it causes the most CO2 emissions because low-wage countries are always far away from the West.

Running the workshops Annelies works only with carefully selected high quality materials, which are durable and always repairable. She uses recycled materials daily, allowing her to work on upcycled artistic creations.

The Japanese Kintsugi technique she uses in her workshops is about repairing broken pottery and porcelain with gold glue. But according to Annelies, there are other ways to add value to an object by repairing it.It is a matter of using a little creativity, experience and skill!

Which is the philosophy behind these workshops, while you will learn different techniques applicable to different materials and objects (mainly textiles and ceramics).

Another important part of the philosophy is about the art of imperfection and the beauty of scars. With that principle in mind it happens often that the result of such a repair session is far more beautiful than the original item.

So, Annelies not only repairs, but she also develops concepts to give new life to what is broken or stuck and find solutions.

From now on you are welcome to join the workshops during which Annelies will be happy to pass on her unique knowledge to you!