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Meet Rani.

Stained glass artist


As a child, Rani was captivated by her father's marble and glass workshop, sparking an obsession with experimentation using paint, clay, textiles, paper, glass, rope, leather and any material she could get her hands on.

What began as a childhood passion transformed into a lifelong career. Rani's formal training began in 2006 when she enrolled in the stained glass course at the Antwerp Academy. After completing her studies, she worked for a glass company restoring church windows and later for the opera and theater sector. 

She's entirely self-taught in several disciplines, including pottery and welding, and now seamlessly combines these skills to create her designs. 

While Rani experiments with various materials, glass remains her constant passion. She explores various techniques such as stained glass, copper foil, lighting, mirrors, fusing, and large constructions with flat glass.

Rani is environmentally conscious and strives to reuse everything she can

Her charming workshop is located at the Blikfabriek, where she is surrounded by fellow artisans. 

Rani loves teaching and sharing her passion with others. She is a friendly, relaxed and helpful person who's happy to experiment with any material that catches her eye.