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Meet Lara.

Fashion Designer


Lara's journey is that of a passionate person who follows her dreams and chooses to make a difference in the fashion world.She has been fascinated by couture since she was a young girl. Therefore, she completed a course in fashion design at the Haute École Francisco Ferrer in Brussels, as well as in knitting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.Lara eventually decided to create her own brand, developing a range of clothing that is entirely handmade, from design to sewing.But what really makes her special is her ecological and ethical approach! The artist chooses to specialise in upcycling, a practice that consists of giving a second life to recovered materials by transforming them into high quality creations.Her creations are made from recycled household linen. The fashion designer pays attention to every detail, washing, sorting and assembling the fabric into comfortable and durable garments.For Lara, it's not just about creating clothes. She also aims to inspire others to consume more responsibly, by offering sustainable alternatives to fast fashion.Her workshop, located in a zero-waste artisanal concept store, is a place of exchange and inspiration for all those who seek to live more consciously.