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Meet Sasha.



Discover the captivating journey of Sasha, an extraordinary craftsman in the world of aquavit. With a background as a corporate intelligence analyst, Sasha took a leap of faith to pursue his true passion.

Sasha's expertise lies in bringing aquavit to the UK, distilling this traditional Scandinavian spirit and infusing it with modern twists on classic flavours. He has even developed three pre-mixed aquavit cocktails, each offering a contemporary take on the beloved traditional recipes. One of his creations, inspired by the border between Denmark and Canada, is a delightful invention worth savouring.

Sasha's approach to his craft is rooted in ethics, locality, and organic practices. He passionately produces aquavit in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality and taste. By sharing his knowledge, he aims to introduce more people to the wonders of aquavit—a delicious alternative to gin that remains a well-kept secret to many.

Step into Sasha's stunning distillery, where natural light fills the space. The studio boasts a bar, a charming shop section, and an inviting upstairs area perfect for enjoying a carefully crafted cocktail. It's a haven for aquavit enthusiasts and curious souls alike.

Sasha's dedication to his craft goes beyond traditional methods. He constantly explores new horizons, including rapid ageing techniques for aquavit. You'll find shelves lined with jars, meticulously labeled with the dates when he began the ageing process by introducing small pieces of barrel wood. It's a testament to his passion for innovation and pushing boundaries.

Join Sasha on this extraordinary aquavit journey, where passion and expertise intertwine, unveiling the secrets and pleasures of this remarkable spirit.