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Meet Audrey.

Floral Designer


Audrey is a French floral designer with an interesting journey. She initially pursued business studies and worked in finance and marketing. But her life took a different turn when she moved to London thirteen years ago.

In London's competitive landscape, she boldly started her hat-selling business, where she thrived for three years before embracing motherhood. Yet, her passion for flowers endured.

Two years ago, she decided to chase her dreams. She sought training with a florist and then launched her own floral design company. What makes her special is her commitment to sustainability. She minimises plastic use in her packaging and avoids floral foam, which harms the environment.

Her story is a testament to reinvention and following one's true calling. Join her on her journey in the world of botanical design, where eco-friendly creations are crafted with care for both artistry and the environment.