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Meet The Archway Planter.

House plant expert


Meet Tiff, the visionary founder behind The Archway Planter. With an innate flair for distinctive foliage, Tiff's journey into the world of plants began after her bustling career in London's vibrant events and restaurant scene. It was in the tranquil presence of plants that she discovered solace from her fast-paced lifestyle—and she hasn't looked back since!

Tiff's expertise in houseplant propagation and nurturing is second to none. Her passion for sharing the boundless joy that houseplants bring led her to become a devoted teacher, inspiring others to embrace the green revolution.

Step into Tiff's inviting studio, bathed in radiant natural light, and adorned with an abundance of flourishing plants hanging gracefully from every corner. Tiff's love for plants has transformed her workspace into a verdant sanctuary, where creativity blossoms, and the beauty of nature thrives. Join Tiff in her green oasis and let her guide you on a journey of plant discovery and care.