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Meet Wayne.

Lettercarver and sculptor


Wayne Hart, an award-winning artist based in Hertfordshire, specialises in hand-drawn and hand-carved lettering in stone and wood. With a background in graphic design and a specialism in typography, from the University of Reading, this talented artisan brings a fresh perspective to the world of three-dimensional design.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient craft of stone letter carving, Wayne honed his skills under the tutelage of the renowned Pip Hall, dedicating three years to perfecting this unique art form during an apprenticeship. Venturing even further, Wayne took a transformative journey to Italy, where he found his passion for wood carving, adding another layer of depth to his art form.

Wayne has worked on many prestigious commissions, including the C S Lewis memorial at Westminster Abbey and a public art project in Amiens, France. Wayne's passion extends beyond his physical creations, as he also lectures in Type Design at the University of Reading.

Wayne's talents have not gone unnoticed, he was awarded the prestigious Craft & Design Magazine's Gold Award in Specialist Media and the esteemed title of Craft Maker of the Year. 

Wayne's studio is a bustling creative space within the Warren Park Heritage Craft Centre. Surrounded by fellow makers and artisans, the inspiring atmosphere fuels his creative spirit!