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Meet Oliveology.

Organic Greek grocer


Introducing Marianna, the creative force behind Oliveology, a brand she established 14 years ago. Hailing from Greece and Cyprus, she possesses a deep connection to her heritage and is dedicated to sourcing the finest products while fostering strong relationships with local producers. With a background in industrial design and a master's degree in the field, Marianna initially pursued a career in product development, design, and innovation.

While not a complete shift in career, Marianna's journey has led her to become an expert in Greek food, particularly in the realm of olive oil and olives. Her knowledge extends to the cultivation of olives, as Oliveology works in close relationship with an olive farm in the Peloponnese peninsula near the majestic Taygetus mountains. In this ancient region, where olive cultivation spans over 3,000 years, they carefully nurture olives using traditional, hands-on methods.

Embracing ethical and sustainable practices, Marianna and Oliveology prioritise organic and responsible agricultural methods throughout their product range. They are committed to offering high-quality, flavourful goods while promoting a healthier and more conscious approach to food.

Driven by a genuine passion for Greek food and culture, Marianna finds great joy in sharing her expertise and educating others about the wonders of olive oil-based cuisine. She strives to dispel common misconceptions and enlighten people about the remarkable health benefits and culinary potential of this Mediterranean treasure.

The workshop will take place within the Oliveology shop, nestled in the vibrant Borough Market. It serves as a hub for Marianna's exceptional products, providing a warm and inviting space to discover the rich flavours and stories behind each offering.

When describing Marianna's character, a few adjectives come to mind: authentic, passionate, and hardworking. These qualities shine through in her dedication to promoting Greek food, her commitment to quality, and her genuine desire to share the wonders of her culinary heritage with others.