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Meet The Hiver Team.



Hiver was born out of a love of great beer and a commitment to protecting the environment. It's a place where locally sourced honey from British beekeepers is at the heart of the brewing process, creating uniquely delicious beers that are kind to the planet.

Located on Bermondsey's iconic Beer Mile, Hiver's taproom is more than just a destination for craft beer enthusiasts; it's a hive of activity where guests are invited to taste, learn and be inspired. 

The team's passion for bees and the environment shines through in every aspect of Hiver's operations. From sourcing honey locally to educating customers about the vital role bees play in our ecosystem.

Join the team for a tasting and workshop. Sip on delicious, carefully crafted honey beer while they share fascinating stories about the world of bees.

Cheers to good beer, good company and a more sustainable future!