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Meet Kevin.

Terrarium Maker


Meet Kevin, the brains behind WildBulb, a plant and design project launched in the summer of 2018.

Kevin's journey with WildBulb began with a simple curiosity about the natural world, when he came across an ecosphere - a self-contained mini aquarium enclosed in a spherical container. Inside, he observed tiny organisms thriving on special algae fed by natural light. This discovery piqued Kevin's interest and led him to explore the possibilities of miniature terrariums.

Inspired by the ecosphere concept, Kevin taught himself the art of building terrariums from scratch. He found light bulbs to be particularly suited to his creations, as they reflected the closed environment of the ecosphere. Thus was born WildBulb - a company focused on transforming ordinary light bulbs into miniature ecosystems, offering a unique twist on traditional terrariums.

Today, Kevin showcases his creations at pop-up markets and workshops across London, drawing attention to their practical yet innovative design. Each WildBulb creation reflects Kevin's passion for combining artistry with ecology, inviting others to appreciate the beauty of nature on a smaller scale.

Explore WildBulb and experience Kevin's commitment to greenery and urban spaces through his inventive use of repurposed materials.