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Learn how vinegar is made

Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°1
Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°2
Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°3
Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°4
Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°5
Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°6
Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°7
Wecandoo - Learn how vinegar is made - Image n°8

2 hours of discovery with Yannick and his team

Knowledge in vinegar making

Your vinegar starter and a 200ml bottle


per person

The workshop in detail

  • 2h
  • 4 to 15 participants
  • 15 years min.
  • Discover the magic of vinegar in the company of Yannick and his team.

    These passionate artisans will be delighted to welcome you to a workshop dedicated to this fascinating elixir.

    After getting acquainted, Yannick will begin by telling you the history of vinegar, from its ancient origins to its place in modern culinary craftsmanship. Today, used in cultures around the world, vinegar has multiple facets, some of which might pleasantly surprise you!

    Next, you'll roll up your sleeves for the hands-on phase of the workshop. Yannick will guide you step by step through each stage of vinegar-making, from selecting the finest ingredients to the fermentation process.

    He will also explain how to repurpose kitchen scraps into excellent vinegar, following a zero-waste approach.

    Yannick and his team will finally share their best tips to kickstart your home fermentation adventure.

    You will leave with your very own starter culture and a 200ml bottle of homemade vinegar: the perfect foundation for your new exploration!

    Workshop location

    Yannick's workshop is located a few minutes' walk from the Pannenhuis metro station (line 6) and the Dieudonné Lefèvre bus stop (line 88).

    This place is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

    Additional information

    Languages of the workshop


    Wecandoo - Meet Yannick & his team

    Meet Yannick & his team

    Fermentation Specialist

    It was in 2017 that Yannick decided to switch careers and start his own business, with a desire to share his passion for fermentation. 

    He wants to test all the possibilities that fermentation has to offer, moving beyond the popular classics such as beer, bread, or kombucha. He therefore performed various experiments with vegan charcuterie, miso, and even vinegar. A passionate convert, but also very socially engaged, he uses only local products. 

    His openness and his teaching ability allow him to transmit his passion through his own workshop, sharing all the mysteries of fermentation!

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    per person