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Meet Nick.



With a passion for home brewing that ignited 13 years ago, Nick has transformed into an expert in the art of brewing your own beer. His knowledge and expertise have been recognised through his contributions to esteemed publications like Beer 52s Ferment magazine and CAMRA's Beer.

Nick's journey into the world of brewing started from a different path, as he previously worked in Finance. However, his love for beer and the brewing process led him to explore his true passion and embark on a remarkable career.

As a master brewer, Nick specialises in small-batch, craft brewing, emphasising quality and craftsmanship. He believes in using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, ensuring a sustainable and ethical approach to his brewing practices.

One of Nick's driving motivations is to share his expertise and encourage others to become brewers themselves. Through workshops and classes, he provides aspiring brewers with the knowledge, tools, and space to properly brew their own beer. His enthusiasm and dedication to empowering others in the brewing community are truly inspiring.

Located under the arches on the famous Bermondsey Beer Mile, Nick's studio is a hub of creativity and innovation. The workshop environment exudes a vibrant energy, where participants can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of brewing.

In summary, Nick is a dedicated craftsman, passionate about brewing exceptional beer and sharing his expertise with others. His studio serves as a gateway to the wonderful world of brewing, where participants can unlock their brewing potential and create their own delicious concoctions. Join Nick on this exciting journey and discover the art and science of brewing beer like a true master.