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Meet Szabolcs.



Meet Szabolcs, a passionate chef at The Rosemary in New Cross.

In this traditional and organic Hungarian restaurant, everything is made from scratch. 

At the Rosemary, it's all about tradition, Szabolcs ensures that everything, from bread to noodles and cottage cheese, is made from scratch with the finest ingredients.

Szabolcs doesn't just enjoy cooking; he loves to share his Hungarian heritage and recipes. He believes in the power of food to bring people together, and he's enthusiastic about passing on the flavours and traditions of his culture.

Step into his restaurant, and you'll find that all the beautiful crockery at the Rosemary is handcrafted by Mihaly, the restaurant's owner and a talented ceramic artist. If you're intrigued by the art of pottery, you can even book a workshop with him.

Szabolcs, with his culinary skills and dedication to preserving Hungarian culture, adds a unique flavour to the dining experience and The Rosemary.