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Meet Charlotte.



Introducing Charlotte, an exceptional jewellery artist. With a degree in jewellery and silversmithing, 10+ years of experience, and a travel bursary award from RSA that took her to China to explore her craft, she's gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Charlotte sources her own high-quality materials, creating unique pieces that meet very high standards, selling her jewellery online and also taking private commissions. Not only is she a skilled craftsperson, but she's also a friendly and kind person who loves to share her passion with others. Charlotte has been teaching jewellery and silversmithing for years and loves to pass on her skills.

Charlotte's space in Hackney, East London, is a bustling creative space, and she finds inspiration in the community of makers around her.

Come and get inspired by the beauty of Charlotte's jewellery and silversmithing, and experience her warm teaching style firsthand.