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Meet Valeria.



Meet Valeria, a skilled artisan whose love for baking transcends borders and languages. Despite graduating in Law and working in the movie industry, her heart has always been in the kitchen, where she learned the art of baking from her mum and grandma.

Valeria's culinary journey has taken her across the globe, from Europe to South America, where she immersed herself in different culinary traditions. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Italian, she honed her skills in a cake parlour in São Paulo before bringing her expertise to London in 2015.

What sets Valeria apart is her passion for sharing her knowledge and seeing others find joy and success in the kitchen. With her, baking isn't just about making delicious treats—it's about the experience of creating something with your own hands and the satisfaction of mastering a new skill.

Join Valeria in her kitchen and discover the joy of baking, where every recipe tells a story and every bite is filled with warmth and happiness.