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Meet Violaine.



Meet Violaine, a skilled artisan who switched from life as a Design and Art Director to ceramics after discovering the craft in 2018.

Looking for a break from fast-paced city life and deadlines, she found solace in working with clay. After joining a community studio and attending classes, she began selling her minimalist tableware, influenced by her French roots, and eventually she set up her own studio in Hackney.

Violaine continues to explore new techniques and styles, recently focusing on more surface decorations. With over three years teaching experience at a London pottery school, she now invites enthusiasts to visit her in her studio where you will be immersed in an artists space, surrounded by other makers. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate, Violaine offers a supportive environment to learn and create your own ceramics.

Experience the joy of working with clay under Violaine's guidance, and express your creativity!