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Meet Kim.

Furniture Maker


Meet Kim Jordan, a contemporary furniture maker, widely known for his incredible straw marquetry designs. This amazing art form is not widely known, so we are so happy to have Kim to introduce it. Straw marquetry is a traditional craft where thin strips of straw are cut, dyed, and arranged to create beautiful, geometrical designs onto surfaces.

Kim's has a strong design-led background, he trained in furniture making in Oxfordshire, where he developed a strong foundation in traditional woodworking techniques. Following his education, he embarked on a career as a contemporary furniture maker, making his unique mark in the industry and eventually establishing his own studio in the UK. 

You have the chance to visit his studio, in Limehouse! Here, Kim carefully crafts his designs using only raw materials, something he is very passionate about as a sustainability advocate. Another value of his is to create functional items, which will be useful, beautiful and treasured! From chairs, trays, tiles and tables, Kim's work reflects his dedication to his skill and his innovative approach to the craft.

In Kim's workshops, you are investing in quality craftsmanship. In learning straw marquetry, you have to embrace being thorough, careful, and precise. These are not skills that come easily to people so it is a great way to practice being more mindful. You will come away feeling a huge sense of achievement, not only with your final piece, but also at your ability to be calm and focus on the task in hand. There is no one better to help you in your day that Kim, with his kind and patient nature.