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Meet Nadia, Luke and Quincey.



Meet the creative force behind STÖÖKI - Nadia, Luke, and Quincey. Since 2011, they have been bringing their unique blend of graphic design, music, and events to the forefront.

Nadia, with a background in jewellery, joined forces with Luke and Quincey to establish STÖÖKI. Their first collection debuted in 2011, and they have since collaborated with prestigious institutions like the Tate and V&A galleries, showcasing their installations.

Passionate about their craft, STÖÖKI specialises in lost wax jewellery, mastering the intricate process with finesse. But their approach goes beyond jewellery-making; it's a multi-disciplinary fusion of art, music, and fashion. They strive to create a vibrant movement that leaves a positive impact.

For Nadia, Luke and Quincey, sharing their knowledge is a joy. They believe in empowering others to experience the thrill of creating something with their own hands.

Step into their creative sanctuary at Thames-Side Studios, a vibrant hub for artisans and artists. 

When it comes to describing these artisans, expect contagious smiles, warmth and a youthful dynamism that infuses their work.

With STÖÖKI, creativity knows no bounds. Join this passionate team and witness their unique approach to art, design, and self-expression.