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Create your personalised silver ring using the lost wax technique

3 hours initiation with Nadia and Luke

Knowledge in the art of jewellery making

Your own beautiful silver ring


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The workshop in detail

  • 2h
  • 1 to 15 participants
  • 15 years min.
  • Welcome to Nadia's workshop, where creativity meets craftsmanship. In just three hours, you'll embark on an exciting journey into the world of jewellery-making, guided by the talented duo of Nadia and Luke, Stooki's creative director.

    Discover the captivating art of the lost wax technique, a process that allows you to create stunning silver rings that are uniquely yours. Throughout the workshop, you'll be immersed in an atmosphere of inspiration and learning, honing your skills and unleashing your creativity.

    Under Nadia's expert guidance, you'll explore the various techniques and tools involved in the craft. From files to scalpels, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the materials and methods used to sculpt exquisite jewellery.

    With Luke's assistance, you'll develop your design concept, turning your vision into a tangible template. Every detail matters as you work together to refine your ideas and create a ring that reflects your personal style.

    Using the wax sculpting method, you'll bring your design to life, shaping and refining your ring with precision and care. With each delicate movement, you'll witness your creation taking form, a testament to your artistic expression.

    Once you've completed your wax ring, Nadia will work her magic, transforming it into a magnificent silver piece of jewellery. In a few weeks' time, you'll have the pleasure of collecting your finished creation, a tangible symbol of your creativity and craftsmanship.

    Workshop location

    The workshop is easily accessible by public transport.

    This place is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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    Wecandoo - Meet Nadia, Luke and Quincey

    Meet Nadia, Luke and Quincey


    Meet the creative force behind STÖÖKI - Nadia, Luke, and Quincey. Since 2011, they have been bringing their unique blend of graphic design, music, and events to the forefront.

    Nadia, with a background in jewellery, joined forces with Luke and Quincey to establish STÖÖKI. Their first collection debuted in 2011, and they have since collaborated with prestigious institutions like the Tate and V&A galleries, showcasing their installations.

    Passionate about their craft, STÖÖKI specialises in lost wax jewellery, mastering the intricate process with finesse. But their approach goes beyond jewellery-making; it's a multi-disciplinary fusion of art, music, and fashion. They strive to create a vibrant movement that leaves a positive impact.

    For Nadia, Luke and Quincey, sharing their knowledge is a joy. They believe in empowering others to experience the thrill of creating something with their own hands.

    Step into their creative sanctuary at Thames-Side Studios, a vibrant hub for artisans and artists. 

    When it comes to describing these artisans, expect contagious smiles, warmth and a youthful dynamism that infuses their work.

    With STÖÖKI, creativity knows no bounds. Join this passionate team and witness their unique approach to art, design, and self-expression.


    Luke B

    Luke B


    Me and my new fiancé had a great time at Nadia's workshop creating our own custom designed engagement rings! It was a great experience, Nadia was very calm and patient in teaching us the basics of sculpting the wax casts, and talked us through all the processes and options. The 3 hours flew by! I finished my design and am very happy with it. My partner had brought some sapphires to cast in the wax, but this proved beyond our capabilities! So we left the shaped wax cast with Nadia, and she finished inlaying the stones. Can't wait to see the finished rings!

    Asiah K

    Asiah K


    I enjoyed the workshop with Nadia and Luke, it was lovely time in a cosy and inspirational lab. They were very flexible and considering, I couldn't arrive at the time due to transport delays but they gave me more time to finish my jewellery piece even after the workshop officially ended. Also due to my weak English I was a bit worried if I'm going to face any difficulties in understanding or communication but they were very articulate in a simple way. Thank you Nadia and Luke!


    per person