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Upcycle your clothes with Janine and Nadia

4 hours with Erna Janine and Nadia

Knowledge in upcycling

Your upcycled clothes


per person

The workshop in detail

  • 4h
  • 2 to 8 participants
  • 18 years min.
  • Step into Erna Janine's studio, where she is teaming up with Nadia for a workshop! Together they'll guide you through the process of using a loom with a selection of natural fibres.

    You'll start by choosing from a variety of high quality materials such as silk, wool and cotton. Erna Janine will then teach you saori weaving, a technique that emphasises creativity and uniqueness. Even if you've never woven before, Erna Janine's instructions will help you create your own textile piece.

    Once you have finished weaving, Nadia and Erna Janine will help you to transform a garment you have brought with you. You can choose to change its shape or add decorative elements to give it a new look. Finally, you'll use your creativity to make the garment truly yours.

    This workshop doesn't require any previous experience. It's a chance to learn, create and connect with others in a welcoming environment.

    Join Erna Janine and Nadia for a hands-on experience where you'll leave with a refreshed garment and new skills!

    Workshop location

    The workshop is easily accessible by public transport.

    This place is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

    Additional information

    Languages of the workshop


    Wecandoo - Meet Erna Janine

    Meet Erna Janine

    Saori freeweaver

    Meet Erna Janine, a visionary artist weaving her way through creativity and mindfulness.

    Hailing from Holland, Erna Janine brings a unique touch to London as a master of the Saori weaving technique. Her weaving machines, carefully sourced from Japan, set the stage for her artistic mastery. Erna Janine's dedication to her craft led her to undertake an immersive month-long training in Japan, where she honed her skills and continues to return for inspiration. Not limited to one discipline, she also studied traditional handcraft at the Icelandic College and even ventured to India to host conferences in recent years.

    Erna Janine's expertise lies in the art of Saori weaving, a technique that celebrates boundless creativity and allows for the creation of truly one-of-a-kind pieces, even for beginners. Her passion for this craft shines through every meticulously crafted textile.

    But Erna Janine's approach extends beyond the loom. With a deep commitment to mental well-being, she advocates for the therapeutic power of craft. She believes that weaving can positively impact one's mental health and finds joy in helping others unlock their creative potential.

    Embracing an ecological mindset, Erna Janine incorporates a zero-waste policy into her work, utilising recycled fibres and sustainable practices. Her studio, nestled in the dynamic and ever-changing neighbourhood of Deptford Market Yard, is a luminous and colourful space that reflects her calm and welcoming nature.

    Erna Janine exudes a sense of tranquility and passion, always wearing a smile that reflects her love for her craft and her genuine desire to make a difference. She cherishes every opportunity to guide and inspire her students, empowering them to unlock their artistic potential and find solace in the creative process.

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