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Invite Florence to your place and learn hand building pottery

2 hours with Florence

Learn hand building techniques

Your own handmade dish


per person

The workshop in detail

  • 2h30
  • 10 to 60 participants
  • 15 years min.
  • In this two-hour hand-building pottery workshop, ceramicist Flo (founder of Florence Mytum ceramics) will come to your preferred location to introduce the fundamentals of shaping clay into functional art.

    The session begins with Florence setting up the necessary materials and tools, followed by a demonstration of basic hand-building techniques. Participants will then have the opportunity to engage with the clay, guided by Florence's expertise, to craft their own unique bowl, trinket dish or even espresso cup! You will have the opportunity to decorate your piece and can even contact Flo beforehand if you want to make something specific or personalised. 

    Once the creative process is complete, Florence will take the newly formed pieces for glazing and firing. This final step, essential for durability and the finished look, will be expertly handled by Florence, with the finished pieces available for collection or delivery 4-6 weeks later.

    This workshop offers a chance to learn a new craft while creating a personal piece that combines functionality with personal style.

    Workshop location

    This workshop will be held at your location. The artisan can travel to the London area of your choice to deliver the workshop at your location!

    This place is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

    Additional information

    Language of the workshop


    Practical information

    Your venue must have access to water and space for all participants to

    sit at a table / work surface.

    All materials and tools will be provided!

    You may want to cut your nails before the event as this can make it

    easier, but it is not essential.

    As with the nature of ceramics, there is always a chance that pieces can

    get broken along the way or during the firing. Whilst this is very rare, it

    can occasionally happen.

    Wecandoo - Meet Florence

    Meet Florence

    Ceramic artist

    Discover the world of ceramics with Florence, a creative force with a passion for sculptural expression through clay.

    Florence's artistic journey began with a Fine Art degree from Wimbledon College of Art, followed by an MA from the renowned Slade School of Fine Art. It was here that ceramics first captured her imagination, intertwining with her sculptural practice. The pandemic served as a catalyst for change, propelling Florence to immerse herself in ceramics, culminating in a flourishing career shift.

    Starting as a sculpture and installation artist, Florence crafted monumental, site-specific installations using various materials. She also honed her skills in exhibition management at art galleries. As her passion for ceramics deepened, Florence's sculptor background now influences her vibrant, sculptural ceramic designs, breathing life into everyday objects.

    Florence's ceramics champion conscious living, individuality and originality, urging us to reject mass-produced items in favour of supporting local artisans. Through her work, she encourages us to embrace slow shopping, invest in handmade pieces, and celebrate the beauty of unique creations.

    Running workshops is Florence's way of merging her love for ceramics with a desire to inspire others. Sharing knowledge and fostering creativity is her driving force. Guiding individuals to explore their artistic side, learn new skills, and experience the joy of creation is what motivates her.

    Florence's ceramic designs embody a vibrant celebration of colour, texture, and form. Each piece exudes playfulness and tactile charm, bringing a splash of happiness to daily life.

    Step into one of Florence's workshops and embark on a journey of creativity and learning. In a relaxed and enjoyable environment, participants discover new techniques, explore their artistic potential, and create something tangible. Florence's workshops provide a window into the world of ceramics, offering accessible introductions to different techniques that can lay the foundation for further exploration.

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    per person