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Taste different gelatos and sorbets

1 hour of discovery with Lorenzo

Knowledge in ice cream making

Taste 8 flavours


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The workshop in detail

  • 1h
  • 4 to 10 participants
  • 15 years min.
  • In this one-hour workshop, ice cream maker Lorenzo introduces participants to the delightful world of Italian frozen desserts.

    The workshop begins with an introduction to Lorenzo's brand Brice Cream. Lorenzo then delves into the rich history of gelato, offering insights into its evolution and cultural significance in Italy for participants to appreciate the dessert beyond its taste.

    Lorenzo will also explain the key differences between gelato and sorbe expert, as well as the variations in ingredients, texture and preparation methods.

    The highlight of the session is undoubtedly the tasting experience. Participants have the opportunity to savour eight different flavours, ranging from traditional gelato to dairy-free options and refreshing sorbets.

    This guided tasting not only allows attendees to experience a variety of flavours but also to understand the nuances that Lorenzo discusses during the workshop.

    Workshop location

    The workshop is easily accessible by public transport.

    This place is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

    Additional information

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    Wecandoo - Meet Brice Cream

    Meet Brice Cream

    Ice cream maker

    Lorenzo, born and raised in Tuscany, Italy, is a seasoned professional in the food and hospitality industry, with a rich background in fine dining across the world.

    His passion for food led him to specialise in making artisanal ice cream during the COVID-19 pandemic. At his venture, Brice Cream, Lorenzo prioritises local, high-quality ingredients to craft exceptional gelato. He is not just an ice cream maker; he is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge and love for gelato through teaching.

    In Lorenzo's workshops, participants are invited to learn the secrets of authentic Italian gelato, offering a unique blend of culinary education and cultural immersion.

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    per person