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Make your set of 3 wiggle dishes with Ellie

2 hours of discovery with Ellie

Knowledge in ceramics

Your beautiful set of 3 wiggle dishes


per person

The workshop in detail

  • 2h
  • 2 to 5 participants
  • 15 years min.
  • Welcome to Ellie's Pottery Workshop! This hands-on experience is perfect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of ceramics and create their own unique pieces.

    Start your day with a warm welcome from Ellie. She'll introduce herself and give you a tour of her inspiring studio, sharing insights from her journey into ceramics and her time as an apprentice at Hjorths Fabrik in Denmark. Ellie will then demonstrate the basics of building and throwing slabs, teaching you essential techniques to get started with your own creations.

    Now it's your turn! Roll out your clay and allow it to dry a little. Ellie will provide templates that you can use and modify to create your own designs. Once you're comfortable, roll out clay for your second and third bowls. Again, you can use Ellie's templates as a starting point and then get creative with your own designs.

    Return to your first piece and learn how to assemble it into a nodding bowl. Ellie will guide you through each step to make sure your piece comes together beautifully. The fun continues as you choose from a variety of coloured slips to decorate your creations. Ellie will show you different techniques to make your pieces stand out.

    After decorating, Ellie will take care of the glazing process for you, making sure your pieces are finished to a high standard. Your creations will be ready for collection or despatch within four weeks, allowing time for them to be fired and finished. Ellie will coordinate the details for you.

    This workshop is designed to be both educational and enjoyable, leaving you with not only beautiful ceramic pieces, but also wonderful memories of this creative journey with Ellie!

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    Accessible by public transport

    This place is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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    Wecandoo - Meet Ellie

    Meet Ellie


    Meet Ellie, a dynamic artisan who has made a name for herself in the world of ceramics. Ellie completed her BA in Product and Furniture Design at Kingston School of Art, graduating with a first class honours degree in 2021. During her studies, she spent an Erasmus year on the Danish island of Bornholm, a pivotal experience that completely changed her focus to ceramics.

    On Bornholm, Ellie honed her craft as an apprentice at Hjorths Fabrik, a traditional ceramics workshop. Here she mastered production pottery on a kick wheel, immersing herself in the rich heritage and techniques of Danish ceramics.

    Today, Ellie divides her time between lecturing part-time in 3D Design on the Foundation Course at Kingston School of Art and running her own engaging workshops in her studio. These workshops are a fantastic opportunity for people to unleash their creativity and explore the art of ceramics under Ellie's expert guidance.

    Join one of Ellie's workshops and discover the joy of creating your own ceramic pieces!

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