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Make seasonal handmade pasta

4 hours of discovery with Silvana

Knowledge in pasta making

Your delicious seasonal handmade pasta


per person

The workshop in detail

  • 4h
  • 1 to 6 participants
  • 15 years min.
  • Welcome to Silvana's pasta workshop, where you'll learn the art of pasta making in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Silvana's home kitchen serves as the backdrop for this immersive experience, where you'll be guided through each step of the process and be treated to traditional Italian hospitality.

    The workshop begins with an introduction to the history of pasta, setting the context for the tradition you're about to learn about. From there, you'll roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with making the dough under Silvana's expert guidance.

    Once the dough is ready, Silvana will guide you as you create a filling or sauce, depending on the type of pasta you are making and the seasonal ingredients available. Along the way, you'll also pick up tips on how to choose quality pasta when shopping.

    Once the fillings are ready, it's time to shape the pasta. Silvana will demonstrate various techniques, ensuring that you leave the workshop with the skills to replicate them at home.

    Then it's time to cook and enjoy the pasta together. Participants are encouraged to bring their own drinks to complement the meal, although tea, coffee and water will be provided.

    Join Silvana for an informative and enjoyable workshop where you'll not only learn the art of pasta making, but enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Workshop location

    Accessible by public transport

    This place is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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    Wecandoo - Meet Silvana

    Meet Silvana


    Meet Silvana, a fourth-generation pasta maker from Naples, Italy, dedicated to preserving the traditional art of handmade pasta. Silvana's passion is to teach others the authentic techniques passed down through her family, ensuring that rare pasta shapes don't fade into obscurity.

    Silvana's expertise was showcased on BBC2's Inside the Factory in July 2017, where she shared her knowledge as a pasta expert. However, her real joy comes from teaching enthusiasts in her own kitchen.

    In her kitchen, participants experience true Italian hospitality as they learn the ins and outs of pasta making. Silvana guides them through the process, emphasising the importance of using the best seasonal ingredients available. From shaping trofie to folding orecchiette, every step is a hands-on lesson in tradition and craftsmanship.

    For Silvana, pasta-making is more than just a skill - it's a way of connecting with her heritage and sharing the authentic Italian experience with others. Join her in the kitchen for a practical and enriching journey through the world of pasta!

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